Trading platform

In order to start trading and using expert advisors and custom indicators (one of the best ones can be downloaded 100% FREE here), it is absolutely necessary to have a trading platform which is a software used for online trading. Some platforms can be used through a web browser and some have to be installed on the PC. Most of the trading platforms that are available on the market have mobile versions as well. Those work on smartphones and different portable devices. Trading platforms are supplied by brokers (free of charge) when you open a demo or live account with them.

Trading platform is used to display market situation. The information of the quotations is displayed in real-time in a form of a graph. This information can be grouped in different time intervals called timeframes. Those could be 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes etc. E.g. One candlestick or a bar on a 15 minutes timeframe will correspond to 15 minutes. The trade is conducted by placing market and pending orders, manage positions and check the trading account any time and any day except weekends and national holidays. Moreover, one of the most important advantages is that a trading platform provides an opportunity to execute technical analysis by using custom indicators and expert advisors. One of the best 100% FREE trend indicators on the market can be downloaded here. It will make you good pips and will surely become one of your favorite indicators!

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is used to forecast the behavior of the Forex market. It is mainly concerned with the cause of the market movement (e.g. political, economic etc). For best results fundamental analysis is often used in a combination with technical analysis.

Analysts who are into technical analysis concentrate on many markets, however those who are into fundamental analysis concentrate only on a thorough understanding of one specific market. Fundamental analysis is based on the idea that there are other criteria for the price movement rather than the price itself, such as economic condition at a specific moment. A lot of profitable trades happen little before or after major economic announcements, that is something very important to remember while trading!

To take an advantage of that, you can get a very profitable and useful indicator for your trading, absolutely free. Download here. Keep an eye on the news and major announcements to make your trading as profitable as possible!

Technical analysis

There are two major methods of analysis in the Forex market. Technical and fundamental analysis (DOWNLOAD 100% FREE INDICATOR HERE). Both are used to forecast the behavior of the Forex market, however they differ dramatically. They both predict a price or a movement. Fundamental analysis is about the cause of the market movement, while technical analysis is about the effect. Both methods could be combined for better results.

Technical analysis is predicting price movements and future market trends by studying the charts of previous market action. It is more concerned with what has already happened and not with the future price movements. It takes into consideration the price and the volume of trading and creates charts based on this information as a primary tool.

Three main principles:
1.The analyst is concerned with the price movements and no the reasons for its changes. So the actual price is a reflection of everything that is known to the market that could make any effect on it.

2. The analyst identifies patterns of market behavior that have previously happened. There is a very high probability that these patterns will repeat and produce the expected results. Moreover, some recognized patters repeat themselves on a consistent basis.

3. Patterns of the Forex charts are recognized for more than 100 years. There is a specific manner in which those patterns are repeated. It leads to a conclusion that human psychology changes little over time.

There are five categories in Forex technical analysis theory, those include indicators (e.g. RSI), number theory (e.g. Fibonaci numbers), waves (e.g. Elliot wave theory), gaps (e.g. high-low), trends (e.g. following moving average).

If you would love to make your trading as reliable and as profitable as you want, you have to learn strategies and use different methods in combination. Here is a reliable indicator 100% free for you that will help your trading become easy and extremely profitable.


Why trade Forex?

Trading Forex has become very popular last years. Traders around the World see the Forex market as their opportunity to earn HIGH PROFITS. Why is this happening? Why Forex and not stocks or futures market? Here, I will discuss some of the main advantages of trading Forex over the other markets.

1. High liquidity
Liquidity makes the Forex market different from other markets. So far it is the most liquid financial market in the World, almost 2 trillion dollars are traded everyday. This ensures price stability and better trade execution. Traders can easily open and close their transactions.

2. 24HR market
The market opens on Sunday 3:00 pm EST when New Zealand begins operations and closes on Friday at 5:00pm EST when San Francisco terminates operations. Transactions take place in every time zone, which allows traders to choose the most suitable trading time for them.

3. Low transaction cost
Almost all brokers take no commission. The only cost is the spread, which is a difference between the buy and the sell price for a currency pair. The spread could be as low as 1 pip.

4. Leverage trading
The Forex market offers a great buying power. Some brokers offer leverage up to 400:1, which allows traders to have only 0.25% in margin of the total investment. Eg. A trader uses 100:1, means that to have a Us$100,000 position, only US$1,000 are needed on margin to be able to open that position.

5. Low investment
The Forex market requires the lowest amount of capital to start trading than any other market. It could be as low as $300, depending on the leverage. So the risk investment is as low as possible.

6. Trade from any place in the World!
You are not obliged to be trading from a specific country. You can travel around the World, and trade while you are having your cup of coffee. Only internet connection is required and nothing else.

Only with knowledge and proper tools in your hands, you will be able to succeed in the Forex market. Here, I want to share with you one of the most important tools in order to make consistent and very high profit on the daily basis, download for free.

Profit-taking tool

Entering a trade with minimum risk is surely very important, however, exiting profitably is even more important. Here is a reliable tool to help you 100% FREE download. There are quite a few different methods to take profit which makes every trader have a chance to select his own depending on the trading preferences.

One of the most useful and reliable take-profit methods is Support and Resistance. The order gets closed when support or resistance level is reached. Let’s say that support is the lowest level for the price and resistance is the highest. If the price breaks through resistance, the level is turned into the new support and vice versa. If the price breaks through support, the level turns into the new resistance.

Use it during the trend trading and when the trend will go upwards, go long at support and take profit at resistance and when the trend goes downwards, go short at the resistance and take profit at support.

Support and resistance will play an exceptional role in your trading, helping you exit the trade at the right moment. Trading safely and profitably should be one of the main concerns and here is the indicator to help you make your trading amazingly reliable and profitable, download here.


Traders are advised to trade in the direction of the major trend with a help of an indicator that will identify a trend and help you make profit out of it download it here 100% FREE.

Being risky while trading is not always the perfect solution. You could try waiting until there is a pullback in a larger primary trend and enjoy a lower risk opportunity.

Overbought situation in the market is when a specific currency pair has risen so much that it became overvalued, so the chances of it being pullback is extremely high. The oversold situation is exactly opposite, when the currency is highly undervalued. In other words, prices are at such extreme levels that a corrective move will have to take place.

A huge imbalance in orders takes place in the same direction increasing momentum and those with the winning positions will go ahead with taking their profits. This moment is a great opportunity to enter and go against the momentum because of the extremes that take place in the currencies. If the market is overbought, the trader will sell, and if the market is oversold, then the trader will buy.

There are few indicators that help traders identify when the market is overbought or oversold. One of them is RSI (Relative Strength Index). It compares gains and losses over a period of time (hour, week etc) and identifies the condition market is in at the moment. It has a scale from 0 to 100. Oversold being values under 30 and overbought – over 70.

Many indicators should become a part of a trader’s collection to make trading experience as successful and safe as possible. One of the most reliable and profitable indicators that could become your favorite can be downloaded 100% FREE here. It will make your trading risk-free and will help make your trading highly profitable.

Trend-confirmation tool

Trend-confirmation tool is required to confirm buy and sell signals of a trend-following indicator. One of the most reliable 100% FREE indicator is available here. Trend-confirmation indicators are very helpful in avoiding false breakouts and whipsaws because they measure the strength of the trend.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) and ADX (Average Directional Index) are one of the most commonly used indicators for trend confirmation. MACD is one of the most popular technical indicators. It is used to identify trend changes and is often used to confirm trends in forex trading.

ADX is a momentum indicator that measures the strength of a major trend. It is used to identify if a trend is weak or strong and can be extremely useful to filter out false breakouts in non-trending markets. However, ADX is not showing the direction of the trend (up/down) but instead displays its strength. Same as MACD it is often used as a trend-confirming indicator in forex trading. One of the most reliable indicators on the market at the moment is available 100% free. Download today’s most profitable indicator here.

Trend-following tool

Most of the Forex traders seek that perfect moment to enter the market. They look for a 100% FREE reliable indicator which could display highly reliable buy and sell signals. I can share with you one of the most profitable free trend indicators, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

There is a variety of indicators that can help traders identify potentially successful trades.
One of them is a trend-following tool. These indicators help recognize the direction of the major trend and earn profit from trading in this direction. Trend-following tool suggests whether you should enter a long position or a short position.

The moving average is one of the easiest trend-following methods. This indicator is used in technical analysis and shows the average value of a price over a set period. It is used to measure momentum and define possible support and resistance.

Upward momentum is confirmed when a short-term average (e.g.15-day) crosses above a long-term average (e.g. 50-day). Downward momentum is confirmed when a short-term average crosses below a long-term average.

There is a lot of great indicators which could benefit your trading and make it as safe and profitable as possible. You can get one of the best free trend indicators yourself and start profiting from it right now, DOWNLOAD IT HERE 100% FREE RIGHT NOW.

3 most important reasons why traders lose money

Reason 1
Not accepting responsibility for mistakes 

As human beings we seek just anything to pass the blame. However, when trading goes badly, it is only your fault. It is not broker’s fault if you lose money in the market, nor it is a bad tip or a software failure. Do not look for mysterious “they” whose goal is to steal all the money from you. Anything that happens, good or bad, is only your fault. If you will be blaming anyone except yourself, it will not help you become a successful trader.

Accept all the responsibility for all of your losses and mistakes. If you will do so, your trading will turn around. For example, if you follow a tip or a rule that was given to you by a broker and at the end of the day you lose money, it’s your fault for listening to them.

The first step is you should admit that you are the problem and you have a problem. If you continually blame other people for your trading losses, you will never improve you skills because you won’t feel that something HAS to be corrected. You won’t see your weaknesses if you don’t believe that you have any at all. So, a big reason why many traders fail to make money is because they decline to blame themselves for losses. If you want to become a successful trader – you have to take full responsibility.

Reason 2
Over-trading and low time frames

Over-trading definitely prevents most traders from making the desired profit. Traders who jump in and out of the market on emotion and greed will suffer from losing trades than those who stick to the higher time frames and understand the importance of discipline and patience. When trading lower time frames traders end up thinking that the more signals they see, the more profit they will get. However, in reality the lower the time frame is the more “junk” signals and “noise” there are. So, if right now you are consistently losing money and you are trading lower time frames, then you will definitely benefit if you switch to higher time frame Forex trading.

I can share with you one of the best free indicators which works very well on higher time frames, such as M15, H1 and H4. Download the highly profitable trend indicator 100% FREE here.

Reason 3

How many times winning few trades in a row made you then lose all quicker than you made it? It happens very often for traders who have not yet learned to risk the same amount every trade, or have not yet learned how to manage their emotions effectively.

Trading should not be treated as gambling, that is not how it works. You have to stop and ask yourself, ”Are you a Forex Trader of Gambler?”

Your aim is to master your trading strategy to the point of knowing exactly what you are looking for when you sit down in front of your monitor. Even though, you might know exactly what you are looking for in the market, it DOES NOT mean that it will work
out in your favor every time. However, this powerful and very easy to use 100% free indicator will help you identify profitable buy and sell signals DOWNLOAD HERE.

If you are equally confident in every trade you take, because you have mastered trading, there is no reason to risk much more or less on any single trade. Keep your risk amount approximately constant relative to your total account value. You should increase your risk per trade only if your account value increases.

Never ever increase risk per trade just because you feel “totally certain” that this trade will work out.

Sincerely Yours,
Austin Winston

How did the Global Economic Crisis affect the Forex?

Economic collapse, the destruction of the financial system, the collapse of the global economy, taking place the last year in the world, touched absolutely all spheres of human activity. A lot of people spoke about the causes of the crisis, but for us it is most important to know what are it’s effects on the forex market.

First of all, the economic crisis manifested itself in inflation, rapid increase in unemployment, a catastrophic rate of reduction in wages (almost half), lower stock prices, falling demand and, consequently, a decrease in raw material prices (almost 4 times).

Against the backdrop of these developments, the financial markets in particular, and the forex market, are experiencing difficult times. Although, if we take into account that the forex trading currency, which is always and everywhere to go, no matter what, but, nevertheless, the current crisis was reflected in the Forex market from two sides: positive and negative. However, you can download and use a FREE highly profitable indicator which make your trading with almost no risk involved/

Let’s start with the negative side for the forex market. The events on the trading floors are developing so rapidly and quickly, that not all traders are able to work in such a crazy, intense pace. Why is that? First of all, in the news policies of many countries: presidents, prime ministers, finance ministers now and then stunned the audience with loud statements on price forecasts, strategic economic decision-making, etc. And we know that the slightest statement, even if not persuasive, could affect the course of the currency pairs. Hence, their movement is very difficult to predict, unless one is using a trusted trading software like this one: 100% FREE Trend Indicator with Buy and Sell Signals

In this situation, making the right decision, without risking their capital, is difficult. Many beginners and experienced traders haven’t coped with the volume of information and lost. Those who were able to adapt to such a rhythm, continued successful and profitable Forex game.

How could the current crisis have a positive impact on Forex, you ask? Although the participants of the Forex market, and that central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, brokers and dealers, pension funds, insurance companies, multinational corporations are in a difficult position, the forex market in general is in a prolonged downtrend. The forex market continues to operate, and it is stable and lucrative. Traders sell, and sell good. This is due to the fact that in difficult financial market conditions fall of one currency means the growth of another currency. It’s very important to note that reliable trading software, such as trend indicators are able to max out the profits for both experienced and new traders. I highly recommend you try this trend indicator 100% FREE

Sincerely Yours,
Austin Winston